Friday, 29 November 2013

FREE Granny Star Tutorial Pattern

Recently I have been making heaps and heaps of these amazing granny stitch stars for sale at my First Christmas Market! They're so quick, fun and easy to make you can make one star in under 10 minutes it really is that simple! :)

I am offering this pattern as a Free Ravelry Download click this link here to take you to the pattern!

I would love to see what you have made with these and how yours turned out! feel free to post your pictures on Ravelry or on here! :)

I have received an email regarding Step three of this pattern please see the revised steps below which should help make this a little more clearer :)

Step 3

Ok so when you have finished step 2 and you SLST to the top of your CH2 (SLST Into the ch1 space from the prev round)
CH2 (This will Count as your 1st DC of this round) now work 2DC into the CH1 space from the previous round, now CH1
 Now work 3DC into that same stich you should at this point have a total of 7 Stitches
In the next stitch work the following (3DC CH1 3DC) repeat to the end of the round
you should have ended up with something resembling the below:
Once you have finished the pattern you will end up with something like the below :)

Now attach some ribbon and a cute button and you have your self a beautiful Christmas Tree Decoration although the uses for these are endless!! you could crochet a line of Single Crochet's and attach approx. 6 or 7 stars to make bunting  or you could omit the last stage of this pattern (so finish this pattern at step 3 as above) which would leave you with the hexagon shape and just like you would with granny squares you could use these to make a blanket for your little precious or someone special! This amongst many others is on my to-do list which seams to be getting longer and longer - am I the only one who has this problem?

Also before I sign off I just wanted to let you know I have now started a Facebook Page which can be found here:

I will be offering Give-a-ways, and discount codes for use in my Etsy & Folksy Online Stores!
Enjoy your weekend! I am off to finish preparing for my Christmas Market have a huge list of things I need to be getting on with!! :-/

next up on my list is Salt Dough Ornaments and Glitter Snowflakes - This is my first attempt at Salt Dough Ornaments... Wish me luck! :)

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